Appetizers and Sides in Casinos

Appetizers and Sides in Casinos

If you are inside a casino and want to try out something special that you will not usually find anywhere else, you must get ready for this list. Noone likes to spoil their gaming mood with dishes that do not taste good or are too messy to eat during the games. Since the casino players need to stay active, they cannot eat much of the main course. Heavy eating can make people sleeping and lazy. No professional player would want to feel sleepy during the games. That is why appetizers and sides are the best options to pick. Here are the ten appetizers and sides that you can try out in a casino.

Appetizers and Sides in Casinos

Prime rib

Prime rib is the king of casino dining. The thick slices of meat are a perfect combination to gambling for unknown reasons. People enjoy taking big chunks of meat and chew them to feel energized. It keeps your stomach full for a long time and best compliments an ice-cold beverage.


Did you know that sandwiches were invented in a casino when a player felt hungry and requested the waitress to bring him a slice of meat between two pieces of bread? It is an experience to try our a sandwich inside a casino to re-live the history of sandwiches.

Mini baked potatoes

Bakes potatoes are easy to eat and crunchy enough to give you a flavor you cannot resist. You can find different varieties of baked potatoes in different casinos. French fries are still popular, but baked potatoes are the next big snack you must try out.

Slot machine fruit

When you are playing at a slot machine with fruit symbols, it is hard not to feel hungry. Complement yourself with a basket of fruits while you are playing a fruit machine game. Casinos serve fresh fruit baskets that contain cherries, plums, grapes, and melons.

Dice cheese balls

If you want too much food, you can order cheese balls that are baked for your health. Cheese balls are not costly and can come in packets. You can buy a pack of cheeseballs and enjoy them while looking around for a good game to play. Always remember to wipe your hands before touching the machines.

Special beverages

When you are at a gaming table, you will have waitresses taking rounds to serve you free drinks. Never say no to a free beverage unless you are too drunk to continue. Casinos serve their special themed cocktails like Lady Luck and Poker Face. Make sure that you try enough beverages on your trip to the casino, so you remember what to order next time.

It is important that you understand your money management while enjoying your time at the casino. Make sure to receive the best of the free services a casino offers, including free drinks.