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Some things that casinos do not want the general public to properly know about

There are a lot of things that actually go on inside a casino that the casino owners do not want the public to know about. Well, I have already created a guide, down below, about a lot of things that you should know before you actually go into a casino. I will also be providing you with some more points as to what you should do when you are inside a casino. Well, gambling is definitely something that is climbing up the legality scale, especially in most of the states in the United States of America. 1. There are a lot of things in a casino that will actually manipulate your senses so that you stay a little longer in the casino. The point of all if it is to actually affect your paranoia so that it goes to a whole other level. A lot of it manipulate your senses so that you keep playing, and you keep gambling because they want you to do that. When you do that, they gain a lot of money. 2. Have you ever wondered why there are absolutely no clocks on the casino floor? casinos 3. Well, they don’t keep any clocks on the casino floor, so that you completely lose track of time and stay gambling, for as long as possible. I am definitely sure that you will not see any windows in most of the casinos as well. This is because they want to make sure that the casino is its own world, so that you lose yourself while gambling. It is very likely for you to lose track of time, especially when you are gambling on the casino floor, especially if you are on a hot streak. 4. I am sure you absolutely love slot machines and what they can do for you, but they were actually meant to launder you. You need to know that slot machines are some of the most popular and some of the most successful machines, especially when it comes to making revenue and profits for the casino. A slot machine is actually a casinos biggest earner.
5. If you are ever offered complimentary appetisers, entrees, desserts, drinks, main courses, you should know that they are basically coaxing you to stay. The casino does not want you to leave, and they are offering you food and beverages so that you are comfortable where you are. They will provide you with all of the essentials, as long as you keep gambling. 6. They will definitely know if you are cheating. Be careful. 7. Stop asking dealers for tips; they are not going to help you, because it would be illegal.

Some of the most amazing food and amenities a casino offers

casino offers

In this article, I am going to be very clearly discussing all about the amazing food, drinks and amenities that a casino usually offers to all of its customers. The love for casinos is obviously something that has skyrocketed in the last couple of decades, and thousands of casinos have popped up all around the world. There are hundreds of casinos in the United States of America itself. The committee for economic development says that 17 out of the 20 most significant and metropolitan areas in the United States of America has at least one casino, within an hours drive away from wherever you are inside the area. That is definitely something that puts a lot of things in perspective. There are so many casinos in and outside the country, and they have become really popular indeed.

casino offers

People do not actually think twice before going to a casino, because you don’t need too much money to go there. There is no entry fee in most of the casino. You also get some of the best food and drink possible in the entire area. But, you need to keep in mind that you will be spending your hard-earned money on activities like gambling. It is definitely something that you could possibly regret later. Getting back to the fact that casinos actually have some of the best amenities, you should know that they are very luxurious and extravagant, and they always keep showing off.

Even though they are always showing off, they never skimp out, especially when it comes to giving their customers the best treatment possible. When you walk inside a casino, you feel royal, because of all the luxury that is around you. You can find some of the best amenities in any resort, in a casino, especially in the casinos that are on the strip in Las Vegas.

casino offers

1. The casinos actually have a very large reception area with a really good concierge service that will help you with your bags.

2. You should also know that the casinos have some of the best restaurants. Basically, you can walk into any restaurant that is attached to a casino and expect to eat any casino in the entire world. You will find some of the most popular cuisines like Italian, French, Chinese, Indian, Thai and more. All of these are actually done to perfection, and you will also find some Michelin star restaurants, because these places promote luxury.

casino offers

3. They will also serve you some of the best drinks possible, because they hired really good bartenders who actually know how to do their job. You will certainly not regret going to a casino in any of the main casino cities in the world.

Properly understanding what complimentary stuff means in a casino


In this article, I am going to be discussing all about the comps and the complimentary stuff that you get in a casino. Basically, you need to understand that comps are basically complimentary things that are given to you because you were probably gambling, and you were probably on a hot streak. Usually, complimentary things are given to people who have lost significant loads of money in a casino. Casinos, as you know, are extremely gorgeous places that are very luxurious and eat. They also happen to be some of the most profitable business in the world. They will make sure that you are facilitated no matter what. That is why they want to give you complimentary things so that you keep going back to the casino.

• As we all know, gambling is definitely something that all of us enjoy, and it is also one of the main reasons why a casino would be so profitable. Most of the states in the USA have started legalising the act of gambling because it was illegal in a lot of states for a really long time.


• I am also sure that you know that Las Vegas happens to be the epicentre of all kinds of gambling activities, especially in the USA.

• Well, there are a lot of things in a casino that we can appreciate, because they do them so well. Casinos offer you with some of the most delicious food possible.

• They also give you some really good drinks and meals, sometimes even for free. It completely depends on your gambling promise, and you should have been gambling that for a while. They usually give out the complimentary things to high rollers who have been spending a lot of money, especially on the gambling floor.

• This is really important. You need to be someone who is actually spending quite a bit of time on the casino floor, making sure that you are gambling tell your heart’s content.


• Then, the casino staff will actually see how much money you have spent, and they will surprise you with some complimentary drinks, complimentary meals, complimentary stay in other resorts and more.

• It is also very common for you to get complimentary drinks when you are covering in a casino. They want you to feel facilitated, and they also want you to feel a little tipsy, so that you keep gambling.

• Most of the well-known casinos actually provide free finger food and free drinks to go along with the gambling activities that you are involved in.

• What you need to understand is that they will keep giving you free food and drinks, because they want you to keep gambling and stay in there for as long as you can. When you gamble, the casino profits from it.

Let’s talk about the food that you get in casinos


In this article, I am going to be discussing all about the food and beverages that you will be receiving in casinos. As we all know, casinos happen to be a place of amazement, fun, excitement, energy and wonder. Millions of people walk into casinos, every single year, because of how absolutely spectacular they are, especially when it comes to delivering us the best form of entertainment possible. Casinos are also buildings where there are so many things to do. Even people who do not like to gamble and have a really good time in casinos, because there is a lot to do indeed.

• Basically, I’m talking about the really famous restaurants, bars, spas, pools, jacuzzi, shopping malls, and more. Well, we should focus on the food aspect in this particular article. In the restaurants that are available in casinos, you can actually find some of the best food possible.

• You get really tasty and delicious food, because casinos usually hire professional chefs who actually know what to do.


• They also hire waiters and waitresses who know how to do a good job at taking care of the customers who walk into the restaurants that are also attached to the casinos.

• Another awesome thing you should know is that the food that you get on the casino floor is also cooked by these restaurants and supplied to the casino floor so, you know that you are getting the best quality food possible.

• Some of the food that is served is actually prepared with a lot of intricacies and a lot of professionalism in mind.

• In a lot of cases, the chefs that are hired in the casinos are actually thoroughly vetted, and these people would usually be working in some other professional place as a celebrity chef for a private chef, and they would really be happy to be working in casinos, finally a commercial establishment that will give them a lot more money.


• These people certainly know how to cook their food. They provide the casino customers with some of the most beautifully cooked appetisers, entrees, main course, and desserts possible.

• If we are talking about drinks, you should know that the casino has a lot of bars that will actually give the customers exactly what they want, alcohol.

• These bars provide the customers with a lot of intoxicating beverages that will actually show them a very happy time indeed. The bars usually hire very expertly trained bartenders.

• These bartenders would have usually worked in a very highly stressful environment like a shady bar, and they probably know exactly what they’re doing, especially when it comes to mixing drinks.

How should you conduct yourself in a casino?


Casinos happen to be very confusing places to be in for people who have no idea how to get around such large buildings. If you are a first-timer, it can definitely be a very daunting experience, because you are stepping inside a gigantic building, where everything is shiny, luxurious and extravagant. It is filled with people who are gambling. It is also felt with people who are there for the adult entertainment as well. You will find a lot of escorts in most of the casinos in Las Vegas.

If it is your first time in a casino, I definitely suggest that you wander around for some time, and you should also try the slot machines, so that you don’t make a fool of yourself, by playing the more sophisticated games.

1. You should also know that casinos have some of the best food and they offer some really delicious options as well. You get all kinds of cuisines. You get some of the best pasta, pizza, Chinese, Thai, Indian options available.


2. You will actually like going to the casino, your very first time, because it is very glamorous and luxurious indeed. Casinos also boast some of the best architecture in all of the city, because they are built with a lot of intricacies in mind. There are so many restaurants and bars that are really posh, available inside.

3. When we are talking about following some rules and regulations, the casinos have a lot of regulations that you will have to follow. If you are going to fail to comply with any of these rules, it could possibly get you kicked out or even banned from the particular casino. They are doubly serious about the rules. There are cameras everywhere, covering every square inch of the place. You are under surveillance, 24/7.


4. Some rules are actually more strict than others. The rule where you have to be at least 21 years of age, in the United States of America, to even enter a casino is very strict. If you are not 21, do not try and enter the casino.

5. All of the personal electronics that you have or actually frowned upon in the casino. Make sure that you don’t use your cell phone, because it could get you into trouble.


6. Most of the casinos are smoke-free casinos, and they will not like it if you are smoking in there. It is going to get you into trouble, because they take the smoke-free rule very seriously.

7. You should also make sure that you are aware of all of your belongings at all times, especially when you are on the casino floor. It is possible to get pickpocketed on the floor.

Common information about a casino


There are a lot of things that casinos do that we can appreciate quite a bit. Casinos have actually been known for handing out some complimentary things, for some special patrons. They have been known to hand out some complimentary drinks, meals, spa services, pool access, even rooms, for people who have been gambling on the floor for quite some time. You should also understand that casinos do not usually hand out these things to just anybody. They need to be people who are some sort of high rollers who have actually been gambling for quite some time.

• These people would have usually spent significant amounts of money in the casino and on the casino floor. The dealers will usually recognise this, and they will notify the authorities. They will also see how much money you have spent, and then, they will surprise you with some complimentary things, like I have listed above.


• It is also entirely common for you to get some complimentary drinks in a casino, because these are given out to just anybody who is gambling.

• Usually, they notice if you are gambling or not, and if they notice that you are and you are really interested in gambling for some time, they will actually bring you some complimentary drinks.

• You can actually instruct the waiter or waitress to keep bringing you those drinks, as long as you are gambling.



• There have been hundreds of people who have actually told me that they have received some complimentary drinks, especially when they were gambling in casinos. It is quite easy to understand why casinos give out free drinks, and it is also very believable as well.

• The casinos want you to get intoxicated, so that you continue to gamble. When you are a little tipsy, you probably will end up making decisions that you may regret later on.

• This would mean spending a lot more money than you had initially planned, on the casino floor. This is something that the casino needs so that they can make a lot more money from you.


• There is something important that you have to understand, and it is called the House edge. You need to understand the house edge and how it works. It is something that is implemented into every single game in a casino.

• This is also how they make a little extra money from the customers. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas have been known to make more than $500,000 a day, and the House edge plays a significant role in this number.

• You also need to understand that it is impossible for you to beat the house edge. You should play games that give you better chances of winning.

The Best Appetizers to Eat in a Casino

The Best Appetizers to Eat in a Casino

When you are playing at a casino, it is important that you pick your food items wisely. If you eat too much, you will soon lose your concentration. You will start feeling lazy and sleepy if you ate a heavy meal. That is why you should focus on killing your hunger with smart appetizers. Here is a list of the ten appetizers that you can eat in a casino.

Pico de Gallo

Try out the spicy flavors of salsa with nachos. You do not have to eat nachos continuously. Instead, you can request a salsa platter and try out different flavors one by one.

Curried peanut dip

Try out a creamy peanut dip that is meant to compliment all kinds of appetizers, including grilled chicken, salad, roasted potatoes, etc.

Chicken platter

You can order a chicken platter that contains a variety of chicken appetizers that the casino serves. It is the best way to decide whether you are happy with the platter or you want to try out something from it on a separate plate.

Fried peanuts

Fried peanuts are a specialty in casinos. Players enjoy eating sweet and salty peanuts with their beverages while playing the games. Peanuts are also the most cost-effective appetizer served in casinos.


The Best Appetizers to Eat in a Casino

You can try out a different variety of egg recipes at the casino. Eggs provide the necessary energy that your body needs to stay longer in the games. They are also delicious, even served in different ways.

Ham and cheese

The perfect way to fill your stomach in a casino is ham and cheese. Ham and cheese feuillete is a special much that is perfectly made to suit the cocktails that the casino serves. You will get multiple flavors in each bite to make your diet interesting while playing.


Cashews are another affordable and tasty appetizer that you can try out with different sauces served by the casino. Cashew Nam Park is a specialty in the casinos in Thailand.

Chicken wings

Try out the chicken wing specialty of the casino that you are in. Chicken wings are easy to eat and also absorb a lot of flavors. You can pick a range of chicken wing recipes based on what the casino has to offer.

Cheese crackers

Another quick snack is cheese crackers. It is a highly addictive flavorful cracker that will melt in your mouth. You will also consume less oil as the cheese crackers are baked and are served hot.

Figs and bacon

Figs and bacon is a special recipe found only in some of the regional casinos. The figs add sweetness, while the bacon gives crunch and chewiness to the recipe. This is everything you want to eat in a single appetizer.

Restaurants in Casinos

Restaurants in Casinos

People enjoy visiting casino destinations and spend their vacations playing games and visiting the local streets. Their ultimate goal to visit a casino destination is to play the games, but they are also interested in finding out the facilities that casinos offer, including accommodation, restaurants, other entertainment, spa, and shops.

Restaurants in Casinos

Most casinos have their own restaurants where they serve authentic dishes to the guests. They hire the best chefs in the industry to prepare quality goods for the guests. There can be multiple restaurants in a single casino resort where people can try different cuisine styles. They also theme their restaurants in different styles to showcase their diversity of cuisine and hospitality. The restaurants inside a casino resort may even be competing with each other to provide a quality service. Let us find out about the restaurants in the casinos.


The buffet is the most common restaurant arrangement that you can find in casinos. People get hungry all the time while playing at a casino. They need to re-energize without thinking about ordering a dish. The buffet system offers guests the freedom to explore whatever they like and serve themselves immediately instead of waiting at the table. Buffet can include a range of items from appetizers and sides to main course and desserts.

Restaurants in Casinos

Special cuisine

The casino restaurants can present quality continental-style dishes that one can enjoy if they are a tourist. A range of cuisines from different parts of the world can be readily available at such casino restaurants. For example, a Casino in Macau will offer a range of authentic Asian dishes. It does not have to be necessarily from China. They can serve dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and India to offer tourists everything in one place.


Baristo offers a place for guests to hang out and grab a snack. Did you know that the sandwich was invented when a gambler asked a waitress to bring him ham between two slices of bread? It is casinos that made such snacks possible, and they have baristos serving the best of them. You can try out different snacks from burgers to garlic bread and enjoy the beverages they serve at the baristo. Some casinos may have a separate bar for heavy drinkers, but a baristo is a place for you to hang out as long as you are having a good time.

Restaurants in Casinos

Fine Dining

Some guests do not want to eat publicly and want their own space in a quiet environment. That is why the casinos have restaurants that offer the silence and luxury of fine dining. The guests can order their food and drinks and talk with their partner over food without getting disturbed by waitresses, other people’s chit-chats, etc. It also offers a quality environment to business travelers who want to discuss their projects over dinner and then enjoy some quality time at the casinos.

Food Plan for Hosting a Casino Party

Food Plan for Hosting a Casino Party

If you are planning to host a casino-themed party on your next big occasion, you might as well be prepared for it. Several companies offer services of hosting a casino party in your given location and time. It is up to you that how grand you want your party to be. You can host a casino party on several different occasions, including weddings, promotions, community events, and fundraisers. In all cases, the two most important things that you need to keep in mind are games and food. The casino services will provide everything you need to host casino games. All you have left to focus on now is food.

Food Plan for Hosting a Casino Party

It is important that you decide what kind of food you want to present to your guests. At the same time, you need to manage everything under your budget. It can become a daunting task before you even know it. That is why we need to a plan to include the food that everyone can enjoy. Here are some food plan ideas for your casino party.


A buffet is the smartest idea while planning a casino party. Since the buffet includes all types of dishes, including desserts, it does not have to be a highly complex plan. You can hire a catering service that is known for its buffet recipes and platter. If your budget is limited, you can discuss the types of foods you can add to your menu with the catering service. Snacks, main course, and desserts are basic requirements for any good buffet. You can also go for a gourmet buffet if you are inviting high-rolling players. In the end, you can also choose if you want to have a seafood buffet, a vegan buffet, or an expensive meat buffet.

Main Dishes

If you are hosting a community casino event or a celebrative party for your friends and family members, you can opt for a main dish and a dessert that everyone can enjoy. Since the casino will just be a part of the bigger occasion, you can serve quality meals to your guests under your budget. The catering services charge for each plate, so make sure that you have the headcount ready before placing an order. You can serve starters and snacks along with the main course. Try out some quality caters that offer authentic Italian dishes.


Make sure that you have enough left for the desserts. Ice cream is not enough! Spend on mini cupcakes, rum cake, or some classic desserts offered by the catering service. Try to decorate a separate section for desserts. Decorate a table with interesting art that catering services usually make to decorate the serving tables. You can also include some CBD brownies if you are interested in adding a few extra effects to your casino experience.

Appetizers and Sides in Casinos

Appetizers and Sides in Casinos

If you are inside a casino and want to try out something special that you will not usually find anywhere else, you must get ready for this list. Noone likes to spoil their gaming mood with dishes that do not taste good or are too messy to eat during the games. Since the casino players need to stay active, they cannot eat much of the main course. Heavy eating can make people sleeping and lazy. No professional player would want to feel sleepy during the games. That is why appetizers and sides are the best options to pick. Here are the ten appetizers and sides that you can try out in a casino.

Appetizers and Sides in Casinos

Prime rib

Prime rib is the king of casino dining. The thick slices of meat are a perfect combination to gambling for unknown reasons. People enjoy taking big chunks of meat and chew them to feel energized. It keeps your stomach full for a long time and best compliments an ice-cold beverage.


Did you know that sandwiches were invented in a casino when a player felt hungry and requested the waitress to bring him a slice of meat between two pieces of bread? It is an experience to try our a sandwich inside a casino to re-live the history of sandwiches.

Mini baked potatoes

Bakes potatoes are easy to eat and crunchy enough to give you a flavor you cannot resist. You can find different varieties of baked potatoes in different casinos. French fries are still popular, but baked potatoes are the next big snack you must try out.

Slot machine fruit

When you are playing at a slot machine with fruit symbols, it is hard not to feel hungry. Complement yourself with a basket of fruits while you are playing a fruit machine game. Casinos serve fresh fruit baskets that contain cherries, plums, grapes, and melons.

Dice cheese balls

If you want too much food, you can order cheese balls that are baked for your health. Cheese balls are not costly and can come in packets. You can buy a pack of cheeseballs and enjoy them while looking around for a good game to play. Always remember to wipe your hands before touching the machines.

Special beverages

When you are at a gaming table, you will have waitresses taking rounds to serve you free drinks. Never say no to a free beverage unless you are too drunk to continue. Casinos serve their special themed cocktails like Lady Luck and Poker Face. Make sure that you try enough beverages on your trip to the casino, so you remember what to order next time.

It is important that you understand your money management while enjoying your time at the casino. Make sure to receive the best of the free services a casino offers, including free drinks.

The Most Popular Food Served In Casinos Worldwide

Bring the most popular foods from the casino restaurants to your event. Give us a call today and learn the process of hiring a team to prepare you the same dishes you find in a casino.